Resolutions on the devices, can someone help me understand?

Hello, I started playing with corona and I'm really liking it. There is a problem thought that I can't understand.

Corona can compile to a lot of different devices, but each one of them has very different resolutions, not only iphone vs android (or kindle), but even different android models.

Now if I'm developing a game for iPhone and I want to create boundaries around the screen I will create a square 960x640, what will happen in a screen with a different resolution? I understand that I can make relative measures, but still the problem persist, if I have a sprite 32px x 32px it will be shown in a different way on different resolutions, does this mean that I have to create x sprites for x different resolutions?

I'm sorry if it's a stupid question but I can't find the answer and I can't wrap my mind around it..


I think the topic you want is "Dynamic Content Scaling"

There was a blog post about it a while back.

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