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I noticed in the roadmap that you were considering advertising support. Have you any ideas of an approx timeframe, ie less than six months, three months etc. I have tried the webpop hack but the fill rates are around 40%.

ps I love Corona

Many thanks!

I'm very interested in this as well and I still feel it's more important that IAPs, which only really work for stuff like "We Rule" which none of us are making. Yet you can fit adds in the free version of pretty much any game.

It is on our roadmap as "Integrated advertising" ;-)


yeah this feature is hugely important, so I hope it's near the top of your roadmap. The web view workaround is pretty clever, but Corona needs to have real integration.

Hey be warned I have used the corona web thing for one week and my account was suspended

Have you checked with AdMob that the web popup is why your account was suspended?

I can't get in contact with them, they ignore all emails and i can't find a phone number for them anywhere

they are now google...

full admob integration is on the roadmap for future release. maybe as early as feb. but all depends if we can reach them inside of goog


Good Luck! I can't, im going to try here in Australia. It's funny how people are un contactable when they owe you money!

They eventually got back to me and it wasn't the web hack, I had placed an ad at the bottom of the screen too near another button. However I would still think before using the web pop up as you dont want to have all your accounts suspended!

@maxbarrow. Are you ads showing properly? What's the trick to make them appear quickly?


i have got ad but i want to display ad on ipad. so is there any solution for this??

Thank you,

native admob support is very important to free app, when will the next release ?

AdMob feature I really need for my app. please do something for this.

thank you,

There goes February and still no closure on ad integration. :-( Will keep you guys posted.


Carlos sarcastic humour. ;) that means it's coming !

hey carlos thanks for reply. I hope you will give adMob support for iPhone,iPad and android devices as soon as possible. I will wait for next stable version of corona sdk. I hope this SDK will launch in the middle of March.


+1 for admob, ASAP

Are there any dates attached to the integrated advertizing? This is something we desperately need for the application we are working on.

its in the lawyers hands and if you know how they work ......


Thanks Carlos!

Well the admob hack works fairly well for now and it's pretty easy to implement. Anyone has gotten suspended because of it? Not because of other reasons?

What is the reason why it should get suspended anyways?

It seems the hack doesn't work well with Android. That's the reason why people are asking for a native support.

bump bump bump

Carlos my game is almost ready for release and Admob support for Corona Android is still not here! I'm not crazy about the current monetize option Ansca supports or the admob hack that is available. My game is going to be free so it needs to be able to display ads.

Also Openfeint for Android or some other social feature like Scoreloop would be nice ;0)

I am in exactly same situation. My game is ready to release to Android. My game is not free, but i will make free version of it, so ads would be very nice. And biggest problem for me is Openfeint. Without Openfeint my game is very lame. Or are there any other ways to do online leaderboards for Android?


My Android game is nearly done, and will be Admob is really needed. I did use the Admob workaround, which seems to work on phones...but on my HoneyComb tablet it does not render, and actually causes that part of the screen to not react to "touch/tap" events.

"its in the lawyers hands and if you know how they work ......" - Carlos

Well looks like this admob thingie stuck on legal side?

:D we waited 8 month for this feature.
You should sit down and wait, just like me, just like us.

Not to sound like a complete dick. I just thought Ansca had plenty of time to come out with ad support. I guess I was wrong. That's why I'm being like the squeaky wheel.

I'm pretty impatient and hate waiting. So I think I'll try the admob hack and release my game sometime this week after I create some more levels.

When Ansca comes out with ad support I'll just update my game with it and add some more levels too.

Then I'm off to writing my next game which I can't wait to start.

Hey guys.

I updated the post here with some new code a little while ago:

And other comments in no particular order!

- I've been using it for over 10 days and my account is fine. The webpopup is there to be used exactly like this, so there's no reason for admob to suspend you

- Currently admob aren't serving ads to android 3+ over this interface, and this is why tablets don't show ads. You should check in your code if the current version is > 3 and disable the webpopup:

Something like this:

ads = true
if system.getInfo( "platformName" ) == "Android" then
        local AndroidVersion = string.sub (system.getInfo( "platformVersion" ), 1, 1)
        if tonumber(AndroidVersion) < 3 then
                ads = false


Thank You !!!!!!

That android verison > 3 is exactly what I needed..and had not figured out yet (i am new to all this).

You did peak my interest, as my app is tablet focused and ads were my main way to try and support it. Any help you could give me for a tablet would be so much appreciated.

I would like to have my ads work on version < 3 as I am guessing your fix for > 3 could coexist with < 3.

Feel stupid asking, but how do I give you a shout on IRC?


Go here:

and download one of the chat clients for osx or windows. Then join a freenode server from the list and type:

/join #corona

and you'll be in the corona channel where a lot of us talk!

any news on Ad support - is iAds out of the question for Corona?

Could we have an update on a time table for "integrated Advertising"?


Yes please, update on integrated advertising!

some news a brewing on aug 2nd


Stop teasing us Carlos ;o)

I can't wait for integrated ad support :o)

Because the native Admob app ads support Google Adsense.
It's very important.
Currently, The Admob hack is useless.
The amount of webpage ads is too limited.
And the fill rate of inMobi looks very bad.

Are there plans to support Apple's iAd's directly?

No more Admob for mobile web page?

Does that mean after September 30, 2011.
All the Admob hack for Corona would no longer works anymore?

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